The 95-5 Rule


Nearly 12% of all indoor water usage is attributed to leaking toilet flapper valves according to a study performed by the American Water Works Association Research Foundation. Sensor Industries has observed within established apartment communities that typically 95% of all toilets are functioning properly at any one time. Unfortunately, the other 5% are what we call “Rogue Toilets” that can waste several hundred gallons of fresh water each, per day. The cause of the wasted water is typically a worn or defective flapper valve or one that habitually sticks open. We have found that even a new flapper valve that has a maladjusted chain/flush mechanism will waste hundreds of gallons of fresh water every day.  A continuing challenge that Sensor Industries has identified is that the 95/5 rule is persistent and pervasive.  After repairing the initially identified Rogue Toilets, other toilets that were previously functioning properly will begin to leak. This is true of older toilets and even new, low flush models.


Until now, the only recourse to mitigate these Rogue Toilet leaks was to perform regular and costly mass inspections and replacements of the flapper valves even though we now know that 95% of them are functioning properly. With the advent of Sensor Industries’ Toilet Leak Sensor, supported by SI-Mesh, our proprietary wireless sensor mesh system, multifamily property owners and managers now have a new, cost effective solution to permanently eliminate costly, wasted water. The financial benefits of reducing water costs are measurable. The opportunity to reduce the demands on our fresh water supplies and our waste water treatment plants is priceless.