What is SI-Data?


A Modern Home for Your Data

A tremendous amount of data is created on a SI-Mesh network. From the live reports of sensors, to periodic firmware update scans, data is always flowing around SI-Mesh. To be useful to you, this data needs a home where it can be stored and intelligibly presented. That’s why we created SI-Data, our custom database for for all things SI-Mesh.

SI-Data provides an infinite repository for everything your sensors report back. It isn’t enough to simply store your data, it has to be presented in a way that actually helps you. This is where our advanced algorithm comes into play. SI-Data identifies trends and events within your data and presents them visually for you to understand.




The Big Picture With Every Detail

The raw data, as your sensors report it, would be far too much to process manually. That’s why SI-Data’s algorithm intelligently processes each line of raw event data and presents the information concisely. When you get your report every week you’ll have a visual representation of this data with any issues highlighted for your attention, requiring a mere glance. If you decide you want to dive deeper into your data, or simply have your own in house solution to manage it, we provide an API allowing you to process the raw data on your own.



Through our visualization engine you are easily able to identify the impact of a single toilet on your complex's overall toilet use.  In the graph above the vertical columns are the daily run time totals for a single unit compared to the line graph which is the complex's total toilet run time per day. In this example a single toilet is using more than 1/3 to of the toilet water usage for entire complex of 39 units.  This is a great example of the 95-5 rule.


How We Track Leaks


Removing Any Ambiguity From Leak Identification

Our WaterR8 sensors are attached to the fill line on each toilet, granting them direct access to monitor the toilets individual performance. When the toilet fills after a flush, it is reported. When the toilet tops off from a small leak, it is reported. When the flapper valve is stuck open and water is pouring out, it is reported. SI-Data sorts all of this data and presents it graphically for you to understand in a glance. Each problem unit is identified individually so you don’t have to waste any time trying to find the specific source of the problem.


Active Notifications


Alerts When You Need Them

One of the most important services SI-Data provides is Active Notifications. When our algorithm recognizes an event that requires immediate attention it instantly notifies you or your designated maintenance personnel with the location and urgency of the problem. This allows you to head off leaks or stuck open events long before they reach the point of painful expense.