A: Our radios output .008mW, easily 125 times less power than phones and transmissions last for mere milliseconds a few times a day. 

Q: What is the output of your RF system?

Q: Will SI-Mesh affect the quality of internet service?

A: No. Our SI-Mesh system uses an incredibly small amount of bandwidth, the equivalent of a single mp3 file over an entire month. Consumer wireless technologies like Wi-Fi and Bluetooth will not be affected either as our network is completely proprietary.

Q: Does the Gateway need to always be plugged in?

A: Yes. The Gateway has to be online in order for the entire system to function. The Gateway is responsible for sending all data captured by sensors to SI-Data for analysis, reporting, and alerts.

Q: Will I need a Gateway for each unit?

A: No. One of the many benefits of our mesh network is that the unit nodes link together passing along their connection to the Gateway. This enables our network to adapt to just about any kind of construction.

Q: What does the WaterR8 system do?

A: The WaterR8 system enables maintenance personnel to identify and fix leaking toilets immediately, conserving water and preventing intrusive unnecessary maintenance visits.

A: No. The WaterR8 sensor is just a sensor. It merely senses when and how the toilet is leaking. However, it identifies exactly which toilet is leaking and notifies maintenance personnel, leading to timely repairs.

Q: Will WaterR8 fix my toilet?

A: Yes! At any time after your complex’s initial installation you can order more or different sensors. These can be installed into and activated on your existing network, quickly and easily.

Q: Can I add additional sensors to my complex after installation?

A: Reports are generated weekly on Monday and sent out soon after.

Q: When will I get reports on my complex?

Q: Can I adjust the length of time before I get an alert?

A: Yes. You can pick the interval of time between a leak or flood detection and the dispatch of an emergency alert via text.