What is FloodNot?


This Cloud Stops Floods

Each year property owners spend millions of dollars on repairing damage from indoor floods. If undetected because the tenant is away or asleep, damage can quickly climb into the tens of thousands of dollars. However, if the flood could be caught early on, the massive damage potential can be cut  drastically short. FloodNot provides such a resource by harnessing the power of SI-Mesh to alert you of a flood within minutes.


How does FloodNot work?


Effortless From Installation to Detection

Installing a FloodNot, Interior Flood Detection System can insure that an interior flood event can be responded to within minutes, either by the tenant if they are at home, or by property management. When a FloodNot sensor detects standing or flowing water on the floor, it immediately sounds an audible alarm to alert or awaken the tenant. If the flood is not stopped within 3 minutes, it reports the problem through SI-Mesh technology and alerts property management via text message and email.

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Another Part of the Family

The FloodNot System includes one sensor, and an Internet Gateway that connects SI-Mesh to our Internet Cloud-based monitoring application, SI-Data. As a bonus, once SI-Mesh is installed in your building, numerous other types of sensors such as water use monitoring, toilet leak detection, security, temperature control, etc., can be added in the future allowing your property to keep pace with the Smart Home technologies that tenants are increasingly demanding.


What does FloodNot do for you?

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.
— Benjamin Franklin

Ranging from asbestos or old lead paint removal to flooring replacement or temporary tenant housing, and even mold remediation or personal property damage, an indoor flood can quickly drown a property owner in bills. However, if the flood could be caught early on, the massive damage potential can be cut  drastically short.