We never know the worth of water till the well is dry
— Thomas Fuller

With population growth straining water supplies and treatment facilities, costs will inevitably increase and our natural resources will continue to be depleted. Since water is one of humanity’s most valuable resources, a variety of initiatives have sprung up to address it, but their impact is minor. Low-Flow toilets only save .3 gal per flush, and at an average of 6 flushes per day this achieves a relatively modest savings of 50.4 gal a month. 


According to the EPA 14% of all indoor water usage comes from leaks, but instead of working to minimize indoor leaks we are turning our water off when we brush our teeth or shampoo our hair? A single leaking toilet can conservatively waste 300 gallons a day.  For some perspective that’s six months of water savings from a low flow toilet, in a single day. 

Water conservation is what flows from the artesian spring of wise stewardship.
— John Muir

Sensor Industries was founded around the recognition that substantial good could be done if we found a way to track and identify these leaks. We developed small, cost effective, and energy efficient sensors that track each and every toilet’s usage, notifying users if they ever leak or get stuck open so they can be immediately fixed.


Previous efforts to conserve water have been about optimizing facilities and appliances or changing habits. Too many of these rely on human attention, effort, and interest. With the Sensor Industries toilet leak sensor you can make meaningful changes in water consumption, simply by eliminating a systemic source of waste.