What is WaterR8?

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Tracking Leaks Made Simple

The WaterR8 sensor combines the leading edge of environmental sensors, miniaturized radio transmitters, and cloud computing into a package smaller than one cubic inch. Inserted between the supply line and fill valve on any toilet, WaterR8 tracks each and every time the toilet is filled or even topped off.

This data is sent to a central database which models and tracks usage, leaks, and stuck open events, issuing weekly reports on your units and timely alerts if urgent action is necessary. While traditionally it has been costly to track down exactly which toilets are responsible for an inflated water bill, with WaterR8 expensive mass maintenance and intrusive checkups are a thing of the past. WaterR8 identifies precisely which toilet is responsible so you can fix it promptly, eliminating overhead and increasing the value of your property.


How does WaterR8 work?


Miniaturized Sensors Connected

The WaterR8 sensor is attached to the fill line on the outside of the toilet where it monitors and reports that specific location. It relays whatever data it captures down the SI-Mesh network. This is made of a host of unit nodes, which bring the data from varied sensors together and passes this on to the gateway which uses the internet to upload it to SI-Dash.


Detailed Individual Profiles

As the WaterR8 sensors report in each time the toilet’s fill line is triggered their data is used to build a profile of the toilet, identifying it as healthy, leaking, or stuck open. This process continues ceaselessly. When sometime down the road a previously healthy toilet begins to fail, WaterR8 will identify this before it can become a serious problem.


What does WaterR8 do for you?

A complex after installing WaterR8.

A complex after installing WaterR8.


Cutting Overhead and Increasing Property Value

Leaking toilets have always been overhead in the multifamily housing business. With only five percent of toilets responsible for over twelve percent of all indoor water usage, this has been an expensive and difficult problem to solve. Mass inspections strain the owner-tenant relationship, and the nuclear option of mass replacement only solves the problem until one or two toilets start leaking again.

WaterR8 provides a new solution avoiding both of these pitfalls. By tracking every toilet in a complex it identifies the exact culprit anytime there is a leak, allowing you to complete precise and timely repairs. You’ll never have to bother a tenant when it isn’t necessary, and you’ll never have to replace the toilets in your building just to solve a few leaks. WaterR8 will start saving you money immediately and that increase in your Net Operating Income will quickly grow the value of your property.